“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your people. All of the things that you do for us make our working life a lot easier.”
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Devoted to Our Customers

IT Solutions, Inc. is a professional information technology company that has provided technical solutions to companies in the Chicagoland area since 1998. IT Solutions, Inc. provides Internet services, network implementation, support services, consulting, messaging and email solutions, and security solutions for businesses with 10 or more computers.

IT Solutions, Inc. maintains a strong, personal and ethical business approach toward all customers. It is this kind of business philosophy that has allowed IT Solutions, Inc. to continue to grow and strive for excellence. We are very confident in our ability to provide the services sought by our customers based on the quality and value we have demonstrated in our work with many other clients throughout the years.

IT Solutions, Inc. will bring determination, experience, and technical and management resources to do whatever it takes to provide the highest quality services and results. IT Solutions, Inc. works closely with our clients to provide tailored, strategic and tactical services that assist them in meeting their business objectives.


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