“You continue to demonstrate amazing professional skills, and a dedication to your customers that make us not just unable but unwilling to even consider someone else!” Read More Testimonials.

IT Solutions, Inc. is always looking for talented team members. Right now we're searching for:

Why Should You Work for IT Solutions, Inc.?

IT Solutions, Inc. has been providing IT solutions to businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex since 1997. We are a strong and stable company that has experienced double digit growth each year over the past 7 years.
The reason is, quite simply…our People.

At IT Solutions, Inc. the search for talented team players to join us and become a contributor to our success never stops. We employ multi-talented people and provide them with a culture that encourages creative thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Our people make us what we are today and they will be the deciding factor of our future success. Joining our team means making a commitment to world class service excellence. It's what they deserve, it's what they expect, and it's what we deliver.

Growth. Balance. Fun. Fulfillment

We believe in a culture with open doors and open minds. Innovative, creative self-starters are welcome. We know that life exists outside the walls of the office so we are keen on striking the right balance between work and family life. We also work hard to create a rewarding and fun culture that respects the individual and feeds the whole.

Where Do You Fit In?

Take a look at our open positions. If IT Solutions, Inc. looks like the right place for you, drop us an email with your resume attached telling us how you can help us grow our company. In addition to the usual benefits and competitive salary, you'll find we're a growing organization that gives you the chance to expand your career. How? Through challenging opportunities and ongoing training. We go beyond the standard and offer special incentives to keep you motivated.

In addition to standard company benefits, we offer our employees the following:


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