“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your people. All of the things that you do for us make our working life a lot easier.”
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Our approach to technology is very different than that of our competitors. We have developed our own business process called ARMS to ensure that you, our client, will receive the best business technology solutions for your business.

The ARMS Process

The assessment begins with a business meeting with you and the owner of IT Solutions, Inc.. This is a business level meeting in which you discuss your company and your business objectives with another business owner. In the next step of the assessment, IT Solutions, Inc. will have a technical consultant perform a technical assessment of your current computer systems and infrastructure. IT Solutions, Inc. will provide a Network Documentation Report, a suggested Remediation Report with costs, and a business consultation as deliverables.
Remediation is the phase in our process where we begin to correct and standardize the issues uncovered during the assessment phase. The business objective here is to get your computers running as smoothly and securely as possible so you can focus on running your business and generating new sales and growth.
Once we have everything running smoothly and securely, you will want to keep it that way! During our maintain phase, IT Solutions, Inc. will monitor your systems, apply security updates, and provide you and your employees with first class support and guaranteed response times.
Nothing lasts forever. That’s why you have to have a Strategy to continue to move your company forward. Compare they way you did business 5 years ago. Do you do business exactly the same way? Of course not! As your business partner, a IT Solutions, Inc. business consultant will meet with you on regularly scheduled intervals to discuss and provide a written technology strategy and budget for your business.



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