Our current and past customers are our most powerful evangelists. Below is a small sampling of the nice things they have to say about us.


“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your people. All of the things that you do for us make our working life a lot easier.”

Alan Smith
Chicago, IL


“You continue to demonstrate amazing professional skills, and a dedication to your customers that make us not just unable but unwilling to even consider someone else!”

Mary Lynn
Johnson Inc.
Rockford, IL


“I tested and it works. Of course! You are amazing. Glad you are on our side!”

Carre Hanner
Hanner & Associates
Bedford, TX


“Thanks again for everything you guys do! You are truly life savers!”

Jennifer Smith
Longhorn Fabrication
Dallas, TX


“I can’t even tell you how much I am appreciating the remote desktop thing. I traveled to Orlando today and will be here for two weeks and was a bit stressed about how to make everything work from afar. The connectivity on the laptop is so helpful to me! Thanks to each of you for making it happen!”

Lisa South
Be Seen, LLC
Grapevine, TX


“I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to the opportunities I bring to you. Luis has already got me hooked up completely. He is wonderful and I appreciate all IT Solutiosn, Inc. has done to get us online and functional again. As usual, everyone there has exceeded my expectations.”

Rodney Harris
Nationwide Restoration
Dallas, TX


“Everything is great thanks for your professional service and patience.”

Keith Ohlen
Ohlen Air Inc.
Lewisville, TX


“Your TotalOffice Management is perfect for our busy office.  Knowing that your team monitors our system all hours of the day is very comforting.  Considering we are a small business, it’s important that our IT system is under control and can be reliably accessed by us at anytime, anywhere.  Your customer service is excellent and the entire team is professional, courteous, and efficient.  Thanks so much for all you do to help our business be a success!”

Kathleen Owens
U.S Growth Funds
Fort Worth, TX


“Since implementing the FreshStart program four years ago our biggest advantage has been that our computers now all speak the same language. In the past we would add blocks of computers to our network as the need arose. Since the technology was changing so rapidly, this meant we had several different operating systems running at the same time. As we added new software, or updated the old, we were constantly running into problems. What worked on one computer wouldn’t work on the other. It was a nightmare. The FreshStart program has allowed us all to work more efficiently and to focus on serving our customers and increasing our business. Thank you!”

Greg Loving
Time Delay Corporation
Dallas, TX



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